Our story

As most of you know, we met on a dating app called Hinge in the summer of 2015 right after Erin returned home from Istanbul. Things moved fast! Within the first two months of dating, we took a trip to Ireland. It was there we knew the relationship would last. We look fondly back on that trip and talk about going back to our favorite village of Doolin. We’ve taken several more trips since then and hope to continue traveling as much as we can!

Since we started dating, we’ve found that we both love a few things: eating, cooking and spending time at the beach. Our favorite time of the year is when we get to travel to the Cape to visit Erin’s family or to the Jersey Shore where we visit Rock’s. There’s few things sweeter in life than spending the day in the sand.

We moved to Jersey City in May of 2016 and have lived in the same apartment since. We love our neighborhood because it is close to Manhattan but far enough away where you can find some space….and see the stars! It has wonderful food and places to hide out after a long week. We wanted to get married close to home because we’ve truly made Jersey City our haven –a place where we can find peace and comfort.

One of our favorite parts of living in Jersey City is living close to the water. We love taking the ferry into Manhattan on warm summer days.

We’re so excited to share our home town with all of you in October!

Love, Erin & Rock